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Yoga & Mindfulness

for Children Teacher Training 

An inspiriting training for those who wish to

share yoga with children ages 2 - 12 years

March 14 & 15th, 2020
(Sat 8am-6pm, Sun 8am-6pm)

ChildLight's Children's Yoga Teacher Training is an incredibly fun, interactive and educational experience! A passion for yoga and a love for children is at the core of this training. This comprehensive kids' yoga teacher training program is designed to provide yoga practitioners with the tools and knowledge needed to share the gifts of yoga with children.

Teach yoga and mindfulness to children ages 2-12+ years! A passion for yoga and a love for children is at the core of this training. This comprehensive AOTA approved children's teacher training program is incredibly fun and interactive, designed to provide adult yoga practitioners with the tools and knowledge needed to share the gifts of yoga and mindfulness with youth.

Whether you are seeking to incorporate what you learn into your current work with children, or looking to teach yoga to children as a career, our team of knowledgeable trainers will provide you with the information and inspiration necessary to begin doing so immediately. Participants will leave with a variety of sample lesson plans as part of the overall training manual, dubbed 'the bible of kids' yoga' by past participants. You will leave the training feeling joyful and uplifted having spent the weekend 'playing' yoga!

Adults with 1+ yrs. yoga practice who LOVE children, including yoga teachers, yoga students, preschool-grade 8 educators, physical education and health education teachers, school or family counselors, child psychologists, social workers, occupational and physical therapists, camp counselors, recreation directors, pediatricians and any others who regularly work with children

1. Describe the physical, cognitive, social, and emotional benefits of yoga and mindfulness-based interventions for children as reflected in the growing evidence-base.
2. Share mindfulness activities, yoga postures, breathwork, games, songs, relaxation and visualization techniques for youth 2-12+ maintaining a focus on safety, diversity and inclusivity.   
3. Create developmentally-appropriate and engaging yoga and mindfulness lessons that promote whole child development while providing children with life long skills for success.
4. Effectively modify and adapt teaching for a variety of settings, group and individual  needs.
5. Implement best practices for teaching and classroom management.
6. Find support, tools and resources for continuous learning.

$425, includes 18 contact hours, comprehensive, fully-illustrated instructor manual and (optional) certification administration. Those who complete certification also earn ChildLight Yoga Instructor Circle membership. Click here for Scholarship Opportunities & Group Discounts which are available on a limited basis.

Participants must attend the required 18 contact hours. Candidates who attend all required training hours and successfully complete the (optional) certification process will earn an additional 10 non-contact hours and be listed as a Certified ChildLight Yoga Instructor on our website.

Trainings are valid for Yoga Alliance, AOTA CE hours and possible CEUs or PDPs from your credentialing organization.

Have you previously attended our Yoga & Mindfulness for Children Teacher Training and need a refresher? Retake this training for just $100. Bring your original manual or you may request an updated version at an additional cost.

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"The training was absolutely amazing and I am beyond happy that I took it. I have taken a few children’s yoga teacher trainings in the past few years and this one by far was the BEST! Every minute so filled with so much tangible information. There was not a minute that went by where I was bored or felt that the information was boring. Some trainings that I’ve taken have dragged on and the information didn’t seem quite accurate. But it was very clear over the weekend that ChildLight Yoga is truly amazing!" ~ S.G.

"I enjoyed the spirit of togetherness and building each other up so that in turn we could do the same for children." ~ Maureen K., 2nd grade teacher

"This is by far the most valuable training I have attended. I have a wealth of tools and activities I can use immediately."~ Kelly E., YMCA Health Coordinator

"THANK YOU for the excellent instruction I received in my training and for the very helpful manual! I also found YOGA FOR CHILDREN by Lisa Flynn to be a precious resource as well. Many yoga blessings to you!" ~ S.K.

"Just completed my second training with ChildLight Yoga. As a pediatric physical therapist I really appreciate courses with lots of practical tips, activities, and instructor expertise. CLY covers all the material and then some. The manuals are also an excellent resource. Definitely will be taking more ChildLight Yoga trainings in the future!" ~ C.S.

"I work as a middle school counselor and went into the training with the expectation of focusing on that level as it relates to my career. Through the training, I actually become even more interested in attempting to work with younger kids as well. I’m going to be mindful to not overwhelm myself, but eventually I would like to offer yoga after school and on weekends, so my students can also bring their younger siblings and parents." ~ Heather S., School Counselor

"ChildLight Yoga has been one of the best decisions for me. It started as a way just to bring more mindfullness into my own classroom, then evolved into being able to share it in some wonderful places, athletic clubs, parenting programs, summer camps, just spreading the light and love….thanks for developing such a wonderful program that allows us the opportunity to share!"  ~ K.K.

"If I never teach children's yoga I am so grateful I did this training. I feel like I learned so much about myself this weekend."~ K.M.

"Isn't it amazing how one short weekend can change a life??" ~ S.A.

"Thank you so much for a wonderful training program. I've had so much fun teaching yoga to children and am really seeing great growth and change with them (and me!) and I have confidence in myself thanks to your training. "~ M.H.

"Truly inspiring...everything was superb! I am so glad I went since I believe this is taking me in an excellent direction with what comes next... I definitely felt like I was in the right place at the right time with the right people and it was well worth every bit of investment. I immensely appreciate all you are doing to help children and the adults in their lives!"~ K.K.

"The training provided me personal and professional development, allowing me to build confidence in my ability to teach others about yoga and mindfulness practices.  It also strengthened my resolve in integrating these practices into my own life and my role as a teacher.  I had some fear I would not be able to complete the physical part of the training. I learned that I could do some things I did not think I could! And also that for those poses that are beyond my reach I can still practice a modified version or pause and focus on my breath." ~ M.T.

"I have attended other children's yoga trainings and left feeling very under-confident about putting together a class kids would not just benefit from, but ENJOY. I got that here and SO MUCH more. The ideas that we played with during class and practicing sample lessons filled me with much needed confidence. Thank you!" ~ S.D.

"In September I took a weekend training and wanted to let you know how well my business is taking off!  I am now retired from teaching special education and started teaching yoga for kids.  I teach 5 classes per week, 4 at our community rec center (4 different age groups) and 1 at a private home.  A mom contacted me and was able to organize her neighborhood so now I see 8 preschoolers in her home 1x weekly!  And in January I will be expanding and teaching 10 classes a week.  I will be doing an after school program for the local school district 3x weekly for 10 weeks. People have been contacting me for one time events also.  I have had to turn down people because I don't want to work every day!  As far as I know, my yoga for kids is the only offering in my area. I am having so much fun and am really enjoying retirement.  My former school district recently contacted me, wanted me to come back as a substitute and I had to say  "NO. I am too busy teaching yoga!"  Take care and thanks for your wonderful program.  By the way, Lisa, I bought your book and I have been recommending it to all of my families." ~ L.S.

"I loved the training and have taken so much away both in teaching kids yoga classes but also in my profession. I'm a mental health therapist
for kids and families and this training has proven to be an invaluable resource." ~ G.M.

"You are amazing! I spent a wonderful weekend in March with ChildLight Yoga and am so very happy to have experienced the training.  After a very difficult year, I left the training feeling rejuvenated and hopeful on a new path. ChildLight Yoga has such a thorough curriculum that teaches to the whole child. As an educator, who has written curriculum and implemented many other reading, writing, and math curriculum, your manual is the most user-friendly ever! and a pleasure to read! Your voice comes through the pages. Thank you for being such an inspiration!" ~ L.K.

"Your training has opened up great possibilities for me being a stay at home mom and teaching preschool yoga during the week. It has been challenging, but fun and I am so thankful for all the great ideas, songs, and lesson plans your program provides. The Facebook group has been a wonderful addition as well. So many people willing to share their creativity and ideas!!! Love it and am beyond thankful for it." ~ N.C.

Refresher: "Taking  Level 1 again was definitely what I needed, as all of my yoga teaching at our local studio is entirely K-8 based. It was a fantastic, engaging training and I am very, very happy that I did the refresher since during my initial training I really focused on listening & applying everything to a high school setting." ~ KS