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 Understanding Vaccinations

The topic of vaccination is perhaps the most controversial of all discussions related to parenting.  The internet is saturated with information and even dis-information from both extreme ends of the discussion. And the evidence regarding vaccine ingredients, side effects, potential risks and the effectiveness of vaccines themselves is often unclear. This workshop focuses on the questions WHY do we vaccinate? What are the diseases we vaccinate for? Are they deadly diseases? Are they treatable? What happens if I do not vaccinate? 

This class will also cover: The controversial ingredients of vaccines. The different vaccines for each diseases. The options of altered schedules. Legal issues. And the risk factors involved with receiving or not receiving a vaccination. Explore these topics in a supportive discussion that encourages questions and concerns, and is free from high pressure, guilt, and judgment (that most parents are already getting from every angle).

Dr. Brent Binder has been facilitating this discussion since 2012. He is an advocate for parents and believes in an unbiased approach so that parents can understand their choice and ultimately make the decision that is best for them.   


Minimum:   2 registrations
Maximum: 20 registrations
Registration Deadline:  Pre-paid registration required 1 week prior to workshop.
Brent Binder, DC