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Trauma Informed Yoga & Mindfulness for Youth Teacher Training

Understanding Trauma, How it Impacts Children,

and Why Yoga Can Help

Supporting you through the journey!

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October 16, 2020
Friday, 8am-4pm

As a yoga instructor, therapist, teacher, or anyone who regularly serves children, it is almost certain that you will encounter children who have experienced trauma in their young lives. Therefore, it is important to be trauma informed.

Being trauma informed suggests the following:

We acknowledge that trauma exists and that really, everyone has experienced a trauma or traumas of some sort.
We understand the basic neurology of a variety of trauma responses.
We learn ways to minimize "triggering" the trauma in others.
We practice and share tools which allow us to manage trauma symptoms and to build resiliency in ourselves and others.
We come together in community and find ways to reduce and prevent trauma in the first place.

Our one-day Trauma Informed Yoga & Mindfulness for Youth Workshop introduces information on the two main types of trauma experienced by children, the basics of the neuroscience of trauma, signs, symptoms and common misdiagnoses, how to make your classes more trauma-informed, how yoga can be part of the healing process, and self-care. It includes practical tools presented in both lecture and experiential format.

If you work with children who have special needs and/or have experienced trauma, we also strongly suggest attending this workshop in conjunction with the ChildLight Yoga & Mindfulness for Diverse Abilities Teacher Training. Oftentimes the two courses are scheduled back-to-back at the same studio location enabling completion of 25 training hours in a three day period (applicable as contact hours for the 95-hour RCYT program and CEs for Yoga Alliance). 

This workshop is open to adults who work with children including yoga teachers, yoga students, preschool - grade 12 educators, physical education and health education teachers, school or family counselors, child psychologists, social workers, occupational, physical and speech therapists, camp counselors, recreation directors, pediatricians and any others who regularly work with children.

1. Define and understand the benefits of a trauma informed yoga and mindfulness practice for youth as reflected in the growing evidence base.  
2. Identify potential trauma triggers specific to sharing yoga and mindfulness practices with youth.
3. Modify teaching techniques to instruct with a trauma informed lens.  
4. Create trauma informed yoga and mindfulness-based sequences designed to regulate the nervous system while supporting emotional resilience.
5. Find additional tools and resources for continued growth and education.

$180, includes 7 contact hours, comprehensive, fully-illustrated instructor manual and certificate of completion. Click here for Scholarship Opportunities & Group Discounts which are available on a limited basis.

Participants will receive a certificate of completion that can be valid for Yoga Alliance CE hours and possible CEUs or PDPs from your credentialing organization. 

Have you previously attended our Trauma Informed Yoga & Mindfulness for Youth Workshop and need a refresher? Retake this training for just $100. Bring your original manual or you may request an updated version at an additional cost.

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"The training was clear, informative and relateable-- incredibly useful for my future teaching. It was helpful to have some concrete ideas on how to modify my teaching to create space for those who have experienced trauma and to know what signs to look out for." ~ A.T.

"I gained valuable information about trauma, how it affects children and their learning. And, how it can also be the underlying cause of many ‘school children diagnoses’. I feel every teacher needs this training!" ~ Melissa C.

"Amazing educational opportunity for professionals working with children who have a history of trauma!" - Michelle D.

"It was so vitally informative that I'm constantly re-thinking my approach to cues & assists w/kids. The other important thing to note is that it goes beyond kids into teaching yoga to adults. I came away from this thoroughly convinced that EVERY YOGA TEACHER SHOULD BE REQUIRED TO TAKE THIS!" ~ D.D.

"The facilitation of the workshop was very good. The presenters were very knowledgeable and well informed.”  ~ P.L.

“Very good overall information. This was a good introduction for me as someone who had no background in trauma.”  ~ K.B.

“I have experience working with lots of at risk youth. This was a great way to confirm that yoga is a great resource for children who have experienced trauma.” ~ M.N.

"I would suggest every yoga teacher should take this workshop."  ~ Y.L.

"I felt safe during this class." ~ D.G.

"Useful for anyone who works with children!"  ~ E.L.

"I learned what I was hoping to-how to be more aware of students who may have gone through trauma & how to adjust things." ~ M.M.

"Love the manual.  Has lots of important information and resources." ~ D.C.

"Excellent presenter!  Very knowledgeable and engaging.  She put the group at ease and encouraged questions."  ~ G.M.