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"You offer so many things that I've been looking for and couldn't find in our area...I think we will be OM Baby regulars in the coming classes, mindful parenting meetings, preschool yoga, all of these caught my interest.  So, thank you on behalf of my daughter and myself for offering some unique and very interesting programs!  I'm looking forward to exploring this path further."    
~ Kristen Wolf

"After practicing yoga for over five years and taking prenatal yoga during my first pregnancy, it made sense that after 3 months of trying to conceive our second child that I should try Fertility Yoga.  The fertility yoga class, like all yoga classes, are time away just for me!  It gives me a chance to re-connect my body and mind.  I am confident that taking the class helped us to conceive this month!  I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to conceive, whether they have tried for several months or are just starting out!"
~ Anita Zook (Fertility Yoga)

"I just wanted to tell you how much I look forward to the Prenatal class every week - it is wonderful and very helpful.  All of the poses feel great - even the squats!!"   ~Beth Dougherty (Prenatal Yoga)
"After speaking to you last Sunday about Doula's my mind started exploring new avenues of labor and delivery methods.  I enjoyed talking to you and found that our conversation lit a fire inside of me to realize my intentions for a birth plan and what I was fearful about and what I was most comfortable with."  ~Kristen Mortelliti

"Thanks so much for all the great handouts and wisdom.  I'm really enjoying all aspects of the class and would like to continue with you as long as I can and hope that you are still teaching when the time comes for my second child in a few years! :)" ~Anita Zook

"I really loved it! You are a very good teacher and I think I learned more during your class than I did through anything else (including child birth class, etc.)."  ~Beth Zampogna

"So, thank you for all the info you provided in class.  It really helped me loosen up and try things I would not have know to toning or doing horse lips.  I think the dr.s and nurses thought i was crazy but I did not care."~Jenny Gallagher Blom

"Working out during my pregnancy definitely help me with endurance during labor and getting back into shape quickly after Stella's birth." ~Gina Baker

"I wanted to say thanks again for your prenatal yoga class and all of the information and support you've provided as part of this class and Om Baby Yoga.  I can't tell you how much I've come to look forward to the class and our talks and also getting to know other soon-to-be mothers.  This has been by far the best resource for exercise and helpful information during my pregnancy." ~Kristen Mortellitti

"I spent much of my 2 1/2 hours of pushing in squating positions and on all fours-- and everyone in the room commented how strong I was-- and I KNOW that that was because of the yoga class!  I worked so hard, remembering much of the breathing and positions that we did in class. Thank you so much for all of your knowledge and guidance.  I will forever recommend your class to everyone that I meet."~Kim Mehaffey

"Thanks for all the information you provided, and for the wonderful prenatal yoga classes.  I think what you are doing with Om Baby is great, and I look forward to taking more of your classes and workshops." ~Lara Colestock

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! I just got home from my first prenatal yoga class with Holly. I truly loved it! She actually watched us and corrected me (in poses)...and I LOVED IT, LOVED IT, LOVED IT...I want to take yoga there when I'm not pregnant!" ~Leanne Rutt

"Thank you for your amazing classes, support and fantastic information throughout my pregnancy!" ~Amy Gula

"I have to say that throughout my pregnancy, your yoga classes were completely invaluable as far as maintaining the strength, health, and above all comfort of my body, and oftentimes my mind. The yoga itself is so beneficial, but you were also an invaluable resource on many pregnancy as well as natural parenting topics, as well as being the host of our Bradley classes. I want to thank you so much for these contributions to my pregnancy and say that I feel so grateful to have had your help and input through it." ~Macrina Newhouse

"Om Baby's prenatal Yoga classes are wonderful!! A good workout and a way to get in touch with your baby-to-be. Looking forward to more workshops and info offered by the center." ~Laura Bunn

"I wanted to say thanks for all you do and for offering your wonderful services.  The techniques and strategies you taught came naturally to me and I was able to experience the birth the way I had hoped.  The nurse and midwife were so impressed that I was a first time  mom and told me that I should consider teaching child birth courses - since I was so calm, focused and in control of my body.  I told them I had Om Baby to thank for that! :0)" ~Laura Blanchfield

"I wanted to say THANKS for making the yoga classes available to expectant moms.  The classes absolutely helped my body stay more flexible and comfortable, and gave me practice in dealing with bodily discomfort and in relaxing through it.  All this was a huge help." ~Stephanie Perles

"The nursing and physician staff were very impressed with my breathing/handling the intensity of the contractions that we practiced in class, so much that I remember hearing them murmuring-'we need to tell people to take that class.'  Thank you for everything, because even in a fog I was able to really use those breathing techniques and some poses for comfort and that helped a lot!" ~Liz Mathias

"I love going to yoga at Om Baby. It's great for a beginner like me and helps me stay relaxed all week!!" ~Angela Tatum

"I wanted to tell you that I have so much knowledge stored up from Sunday night classes & I'm so grateful to you for that! Kai is a huge fan of the Miracle Blanket, babywearing & infant massage! He can't get enough of it!  Also, I felt so prepared after the birth when the nurses taught me about perineal care, thanks to you.  There are a million other things as well, but those come to mind first." ~Jess Nupponen

"I just wanted to say thank you for the many months of prenatal yoga.  I have learned so much from your classes and have benefited physically and emotionally from the yoga and social aspect of the classes.  It was something I looked forward to every week.  I especially appreciated how fairly you presented the material, especially those controversial topics.  It was nice getting information from many sides and also hearing personal opinions from the class. " ~Barbie Stahlman

"Kudos again for the couples class - My husband and I both thought it was excellent.  You and Brian work seamlessly together - it was fun, informative and a really nice way for us to feel close to one another." ~ Megan Cline (Couples Prenatal Yoga)

"This class (Couples Prenatal Yoga) was such fun! One of my favorite prenatal memories!!!" ~Jess Nupponen

"I really enjoyed the (Om Baby Yoga) class, and am planning to sign up for the April one too.  Thanks a lot, I think Colin liked the class too." ~Jessica Beaty

"I have attended several of the Mommy & Me yoga sessions with my daughter, now 7 months old. I really enjoy getting out of the house and getting a bit of a workout, my daughter loves meeting all the new babies. We really enjoy it and hope to attend more, and when she is older, move up to the Toddler Yoga!" ~Leslie Marshall

"Edie lit up in your classes and seemed to love all the interaction with other babies and the physical components. It really got her interested in controlling her body too. (I was surprised by how definitely true that was, it is so good for the babies!)" ~ Macrina Newhouse

" Kyra and I loved your (Om Toddler) yoga class the other night!  The fall theme is so cool and I love that you weave the poses into story and songs.  It was great fun.  Kyra can’t stop talking about it…and neither can I!" ~Kristen Wolf

"I wanted to thank you for a great class tonight.  You really do an amazing job making yoga fun and accessible for little ones." ~Sally Schach

"The Mommy and Me Sign Class was so helpful for my family.  I took the class with my first son and we still use signs, he is 2 1/2.  We were so thankful to have taught him sign language, because he could still communicate to us when he wasn't able to speak.  Now that I have another little one, my husband and I, and my older son are teaching the baby signs!" ~Christie Twentier

"Olive and I took the Mommy and Me Sign class when she was wee little-4 months, it was a very positive experience even though she was so small. We continued to introduce signs at home and she became quite proficient at about 1 year. She still likes to watch Baby Signing Time DVD's at 2 years old. Loved it, and highly recommend it!" ~Hollis Healy

"I took my 10 mo. old daughter to this class (Baby Signing) last year, and we loved it! We learned great signs that helped us to communicate with her (and more importantly, her with us!). We have continued on our own since then, and she now regularly uses around 25 signs and understands at least 10 more. Just the other day, at 15 mo. old, she used a whole sentence for the first time...signing mom, help, cracker...because she wanted me to get the Goldfish crackers for her! Temper tantrums are almost non-existent in our house because she can state a lot of her needs non-verbally, and we listen to what those needs are." ~Patti Van Brederode

My husband and I took this class (Natural Baby Workshop) in July...I would recommend it to expecting or new parents! Great information! ~Patti Van Brederode

"The (Natural Baby) workshop was so informative. The demonstrations and practice were excellent. Also, the resources in the folder are something that I will use.  It is too bad that not more people take advantage of such a great resource!" ~Jacqueline Young

"What a great class! Thank you for your wisdom and support."  ~Jen Walker Dettinger (Childbirth Class Series)