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TENS Workshop

Thursday, June 22, 2017



For Members of DONA International​​

What is TENS?
As defined by Eva Bild and Penny Simkin…….¨ TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. It is a safe, non-drug method of pain control for labor¨ It is a handheld, battery-operated device, which transmits mild electrical impulses through the skin to stimulate nerve fibers in the back.¨It reduces pain in labor whilst allowing the laboring woman freedom to move and walk ¨ It is especially useful for back labor¨ Research findings on TENS (Carroll et al, 1997) have shown that laboring women using the device use less pain medication than women using a “sham” TENS device. ¨ The majority of women surveyed (Chamberlain et al, 1993) rated it as moderately or very helpful in relieving pain, and would use it again in a future labor. ¨ A study that investigated the use of TENS for back pain in labor found that “TENS has a specific beneficial effect on pain localized in the back.” (Bundsen et al, 1981). ¨A second study (Thomas et al, 1988) also found relief of back pain with TENS. 

The Workshop
This half-day training will be in the form of a participative workshop with a lot of hands-on practice.  The following topics will be covered:

  • What is TENS?
  • Mechanisms of Pain relief with TENS
  • Research findings with TENS during labor
  • The TENS Unit 
  • Precautions with TENS
  • How to introduce, explain, and demonstrate TENS to a client
  • Costs for the Doula and the client
  • Benefits of TENS
  • DONA Certification in the use of TENS
  • Post-test

At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Describe theories explaining the physiological mechanisms of pain relief with TENS
  • Demonstrate the proper application of TENS
  • List the part of a TENS Unit  
  • Describe the physical sensations caused by TENS
  • Discuss precautions and reasons for the precautions with the use of TENS
  • Discuss the protocol for the implementation of TENS by the Doula 

Minimum: 6 registrations
Maximum:  14 registrations
Registration Deadline:  Pre-paid registration required by June 7, 2013
Penny Stansfield, CCE, CD (DONA), CMT