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Steph Landis Bernholz

Steph works as a DONA trained Birth Doula, assisting parents who plan to have natural births in hospitals, birth centers or homes...whichever setting they chose. Steph is trained in aromatherapy, massage, acupressure, labor positioning, herbs for pregnancy & postpartum, breastfeeding support, energy healing, and midwifery skills. She also studied midwifery at Sacred Mountain Midwifery School, and is training to be a homebirth midwife.

She is also trained in processing and encapsulating placentas for medicinal use. 

Steph is also a distributor of paper-free menstrual products, such as Lunapads and The Keeper.

Steph is also the mother of three children, all born at home in water, breastfed and cloth diapered (including her twins). After experiencing empowering, transformative, natural homebirths, her goal in life is to empower birthing women and their partners by providing them with the education, support, and care they need to have an optimal birth experience. Steph can be reached at (717)-448-2032 or