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You may already know how signing helps babies communicate before they can
talk. But did you know that signing can also be a highly valuable teaching tool for preschool children? Signing keeps them physically engaged in learning so they pay attention longer. Signing is a kinesthetic activity that helps them remember important concepts and learn new words. Help get your preschoolers ready for kindergarten with the Signing Time Preschool and Child Care

  • Facilitates multi-sensory learning, auditory, visual, and kinesthetic.
  • Backed by scientific research, signing supports the social-emotional, cognitive,and linguistic development of young children and is an effective learning tool for school-aged children.
  • Widely used as an early intervention, but is fun - and beneficial - for all children.

$60 for 4 weeks

Minimum:  3 registrations
Maximum:  8 registrations
Registration Deadline:  Pre-paid registration required 1 week prior to first class.
Patricia Hollinger

Signing Time Preschool

ages 3-5 year olds with a caregiver