​​​​This workshop is about creating & strengthening a relationship built on trusting connections, laughter & warmth. We will open our hearts to each other to create this sacred hearts circle. The more a daughter knows the story of her mother's heart, the more a daughter will share her own heart with her mother. The bond between a mother & daughter when nurtured, will span the test of time. This safe & nurturing space is just the place to witness your relationship blossom in beautiful new ways.

Join me for an evening of sweet soul nourishment with your sacred sweetie! Appropriate for girls ages 4th-12th grade (if you have a daughter younger that you feel is ready for this, please reach out to me). 

I look forward to sharing this incredibly beautiful evening with you and your sacred sweetie


Minimum: 5 registrations
Maximum:  12 mother/daughter pairs
Registration Deadline:  Pre-registration required one week before session begins
Keri Feldman


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photo from  Keri Feldman

Sacred Hearts Circle