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I just wanted to thank you for offering and teaching such a wonderful class. I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of my time throughout the summer. You have taught me a lot of valuable techniques and information that will be vital as I have my baby. I just wanted to express my sincere thanks for all you have done. I would recommend your classes to anyone and hope to participate in some again. Thank you so much! - Rachel Cloninger

T​hanks to Holly's great prenatal yoga class I felt confident and informed and had a mostly natural birth! (No epidural, something to relax me a little at 4 cm because I was already worn out from a 9 hour shift at work.) Also, all the nurses are very impressed with my breastfeeding attempts and are even asking where I took my class! THANK YOU!! - Kimberly D.

By the way, I LOVED your prenatal yoga class-I recently moved to Hershey which is why I decided to not return for the second session due to the travel time. I haven't been able to find anything close to your class in this area. ~Kristen Brannen

​Prenatal Yoga at Om Baby was one of my favorite parts of being pregnant - Kim M.

Highly recommend the prenatal yoga class - I learned so much about being a first time mom and getting through delivery, which certainly came in handy during my three days of contractions before our son arrived. Thanks, Holly!  ~Quinn Bryner


Prenatal Yoga  

In-Person & Online Class

Sundays - 6:30-8pm - includes 1/2 hour discussion prior to yoga class

8 week sessions
Sunday - $132

​Single Class - $20

Prenatal Pass - $350
​(Sunday classes for the duration of pregnancy)

Joining Late?  Session can be pro-rated.

Pregnancy is a time of adjustments in the body, mind and spirit.  Yoga's holistic approach to life has special value during pregnancy as you journey the path towards motherhood. Expectant mothers learn breathing exercises to calm the mind and soothe the nervous system. The prenatal yoga class offers stretching and strengthening postures that help release and tone the pelvic floor, allowing for an easier birth and enhanced post-natal healing. Through visualizations and meditation, prenatal yoga helps you to build a harmonious bridge of contact with your baby during pregnancy and beyond. 

A variety of pregnancy, childbirth and parenting topics are woven into each class helping you to feel informed and prepared for the arrival of your baby. Topics range from natural remedies for pregnancy ailments to mindful parenting. Because becoming a  mom can be exciting, challenging and sometimes scary experience it is comforting to find support form others on the same path.

This prenatal yoga class is designed to be a very special opportunity for pregnant women to enjoy each other's company as they learn the wisdom that the ancient practice of yoga contributes to the process of creating life and giving birth.  It is one you will look forward to each week, and a way to nurture yourself during this unique time in your life.

Minimum: N/A
Maximum:  16 registrations
Registration Deadline:  drop-in's welcome
Holly Keich