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Pranayama:  (prana = energy + yama = control),
using various forms of breath control or gentle breathing exercises and techniques to improve over-all health. Students may experience increased energy, a more positive mood, heightened creativity and enhanced sense of relaxation. Peer reviewed, published research has suggested that many more long term health benefits are significantly associated with the regular practice of pranayama. 
Erica has been a practitioner and instructor of this practice for over a decade. "The most powerful and accessible practice yoga has to offer." Come discover the healing of mindful breath in this nurturing space.   

Physical Benefits of Pranayama
1. Pranayama Helps in Weight Loss
2. Good For Skin Health
3. Improves Cardiovascular Health
4. Pranayama Takes Care of The Lungs
5. Good For Nasal Passages & Sinuses
6. Pranayama Improves Digestion
7. Pranayama Boost Immunity
8. Pranayama Helps In Detoxification
Benefits of Pranayama for Brain
9. Improves Concentration
10. Helps to Treat Sleep Disorder
11. Act as a Stress Reliever
12. Increases Grey Matter Of Brain
13. Makes Mind Well Oriented
14. Effective For Brain Disorders


Minimum: 4 registrations
Maximum:  12 registrations
Registration Deadline:  Pre-registration
required ​one week before session begins
Erica Nielsen


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