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Potty Training 101

 A Non-Coercive Potty Training Class

​Potty Training is a gentle, focused, one-time event that results in your toddler knowing when she needs to eliminate, communicating this need to her caregivers, and receiving assistance with the whole toileting process until potty independence is achieved.

In this class, we explore:
1. The 4 roads to potty time
2. The 3 keys to non-coercive potty training success
3. The 1 biggest myth about potty training, busted 

1. you are not alone
2. you can do this
3. biology on your side 

We close with Q & A and time to explore materials and resources to learn more.

ONLINE CLASS, $5.00 donation to Om Baby Center 
Pre-Registration Required to get your Zoom link!

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If you want to read up and prepare before the class, here is a great starting point. It includes videos, the Potty Training e-book, audiobook and Free 3 day primer course.

Instructor:  Rachel Illari, Go Diaper Free Coach​