Vaccine Choice Support Group (VCSG)

4th Sunday of every month from 2-4pm

Supporting you through the journey!

Fertility, Pregnancy, Childbirth & Parenting


The Vaccine Choice Support Group (VCSG) serves two purposes. Primarily the VCSG is a support group for anyone seeking compassionate connection and support from understanding like-minds with like-experiences concerning vaccines. Secondarily, the VCSG also advocates for the awareness of vaccine injury and for the preservation of our medical freedoms regarding vaccine choice.

We all want what is best for ourselves, our children, and our loved ones. Making the choice to vaccinate, not vaccinate, selectively vaccinate, or vaccinate on a delayed schedule can be confusing or even frightening. The VCSG enables participants a safe space (both through this online Facebook group, and through a regular in-person meeting) to:

· Discuss and share information about vaccinations and their corresponding diseases.
· Support each other’s vaccination choices without bias.
· Hold space for and acknowledge those who have suffered vaccine injury themselves or have a loved one who has been injured.

The VCSG will not tell you what is the right or wrong choice in terms of vaccinations, but it will provide a forum for discussion, for sharing information, and for advocacy.

Vaccine Choice Support Group