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Patricia Hollinger

Hi! I am a Certified Baby Signing Time Instructor. I became interested in sign language when I was young; however, never found the means to learn and found learning through a book was too hard.

After my daughter was born at 6 months she had so much to say but was unable to say it and started biting me because she was unable to tell me what she wanted.  I saw in a Mommy & Me group that some moms were doing sign language with their children. The nurse suggested that signing with my daughter may help with her frustration because she will be able to communicate with me.

Well, I started teaching my 6 month old daughter and never stopped. I fell in love with signing. I found “Signing Time!” through a friend who has a child with Down Syndrome and that was that, I was hooked.  My daughter on the other hand was obsessed.  She watched “Signing Time!” ALL the time.  She was doing more signs than I knew and I had to figure them out fast.

My daughter is now 2 and she signs and talks exceptionally well thanks to “Signing Time!”

I am so excited to be a part of the Signing Time Academy and help others communicate with their children.  I hope they love “Signing Time!” as much as I do.

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