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Thanks so much for creating and running the Centre. The resources and classes have been so important to us as first-time parents. And as a stay-at-home mom, it is terrific for me to have a place to go every week that is specifically for my child and me, where I can see other people who share our values and who enjoy the same things with their children. 

- Meredith L.

Grayson was so chill after Baby yoga class. We ran some errands and he was totally relaxed and even slept. I was definitely sore the next day. We're going to try to come some more.

- Emily D.

I started going to the Mommy and Me yoga class when my baby was 6 weeks old - he LOVES it. Belly laughs all class long. Unlike other Mommy and Me classes I've attended we do body work with the babies and Holley teaches us how to do yoga with the babies in hand. (In the other class I attended the kids basically just laid on the mats, and my son got bored.) I was worried at first that my son would fuss and be disruptive, but Holley is great about emphasizing the practice of accepting wherever our babies, bodies and minds are at any given moment, working with that, and also finding strategies to find tranquility within it. A good parenting practice as well. I highly recommend this class- particularly for first-time moms who want their babies to have exposure to other kids and want to learn a bit about how to play with them in developmentally-appropriate ways.

- Katie Oliviero


Om Baby Yoga

Online Class via Zoom

A Mommy & Me Yoga Class

Ages 6 weeks to crawling


Once a woman becomes a mother, everything changes. Om Baby Yoga will help you make this transition on a physical, emotional and spiritual level by celebrating your entrance into the privileged and sacred experience of motherhood. Mommy and Me yoga classes are designed specifically for new moms and their pre-crawling infants and offer an amazing opportunity for playful interaction. The Mommy & Me yoga class will offer poses that enhance bonding, offer babies the opportunity to explore movement through infant massage and to build trust through physical contact. Moms can rebuild strength, flexibility and tone the abdomen to reclaim the space in their body that was given to the baby during pregnancy. Baby yoga class will help you move in a yogic rhythm with your child, being fully present in each moment, easing expectations of how things ought to be in this precious and impermanent time.

Moms should have their doctor's approval before starting any physical activity after their baby's birth.          

$78 for 6 classes

$130 for 12 classes
$20 Single Class

Unlimited Classes from Memorial Day to Labor Day*
Just $99

Minimum:  N/A
Maximum:  10 registrations
Registration Deadline:  drop-ins welcome
Holly Keich

*12 class options (no class 7/23)