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I've been seeking a community for a long time, our church used to be the source of one but since then a lot has changed and it's a mega church and a lot people get lost in the cracks of the system, so when I went into the mothering circle and was invited to do things with these mamas I'd never met before I really felt happy to have a place so close to me that fosters community. ~Diana Neff


Mothering Circle

Every Wednesday from 9:30am - 11:00am 
Children are welcome too!

Join us each week with the purpose of re-igniting your passion as a mother to be as wholly present and act in loving-kindness with your loved ones through such practices as attachment parenting, natural living, co-sleeping, breastfeeding and all matters of mothering.  Come share your joys as well as your challenges with other mothers in a sacred safe space.  Feel the difference support can make in your own sense of wellbeing as well as your ability to mother your child the way you really want to.

Leann Firestone 

See SNOW POLICY in case of inclement weather delays or cancellations.