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Mom2Mom Sale

Saturday, April 14, 2018


Mom2Mom sales are events where mothers rent out tables and sell maternity items and their children's gently used clothing, toys, and baby gear.  Items at this event are priced at garage sale prices, but you don't have to drive from house to house in hopes of finding what you need, it is all in one spot.  

This is a great place to stock up on clothes for next season and to get great deals. It is also a great place to make some money from all of the items that your child has outgrown.  

If you are new to Mom2Mom sales, here is what to expect:  

  • A large selection of gently worn clothing items as well as outerwear, shoes, boots, and accessories.
  • Toys for all ages, games, and stuffed animals
  • Baby furniture such as cribs, dressers, and toddler beds
  • Maternity clothing and items

If you are interested in participating in the Mom2Mom Sale, 
click here for more details in our Resale Agreement.