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Mindfully Discipline
​Without Losing the Connection with Your Child

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Mindful parenting is a unique alternative to the traditional parenting style. It is focused on attuning to your own needs as well as the needs of your child so that you both will benefit within the relationship. Mindful parenting can help develop a deeper parent-child connection, foster a desire for cooperation, and create more peace in the home for everyone.

When family life gets busy and we feel stressed out and overwhelmed, we tend to fall back on using traditional parenting tools that may work at managing the chaos in the moment, but what is the impact on our kids long term? 

This workshop will focus on how traditional discipline techniques and punishments can negatively impact the cooperation and connection with our children. Find out what punishment really teaches our kids, as we explore some other ways to help manage the chaos without losing our connection. 

​$45 per person

Minimum: 5 registrations
Maximum: 20 registrations
Registration Deadline:  Registration required 1 week in advance of workshop.
Angela Miller, LPC