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Laura Shive

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Laura is the owner of Susquehanna Doulas. Her goal in all aspects of her birth work is to educate and empower families to make the decisions best for them, and then support them in achieving their goals.

She is a certified birth doula (DONA), postpartum doula (ProDoula), childbirth educator (Your Birth Experience) and certified lactation counselor (CLC).

She is Central PA’s only Evidence Based Birth Instructor, providing classes and training to both parents and healthcare professionals about the most current research and best practices related to birth.

Laura is also trained in (and provides services in) placenta encapsulation and Bengkung style belly binding.

Laura has trained as an ICAN chapter leader and facilitates the VBAC and Cesarean Awareness Support Group of Harrisburg. She teaches VBAC workshops, using her training as well as her experience as both a VBAC mother herself and a doula supporting VBAC clients.

Prior to becoming involved in pregnancy and birth services, she was a teacher, director of a learning center, and managed an online school. Laura has been published in Midwifery Today Magazine and one of their e-books.

Laura has breastfed her own children, including after a cesarean, through reflux, and with a baby with colic. In her professional lactation capacity, she has supported families who chose to exclusively breastfeed, exclusively pump, and use a combination of breastmilk and formula. She helped with mothers facing medical complications, babies who need support learning to breastfeed, and babies with special needs.

Laura Shive
CD(DONA), ProDoula CD Postpartum, CLC, CYBE

Certified Birth and Postpartum Doula, Certified Lactation Counselor, Your Birth Experience Childbirth Education instructor, Placenta Encapsulator
Owner, Susquehanna Doulas LLC