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Ladybug Yoga: 

A Parent/Child Yoga Class

Appropriate for ages 2-4 years old

Share the joy of yoga with your little one. In each fun-filled 45 minute toddler yoga class, children will delight in exploring different ways of moving, singing and  breathing. You'll find that toddlers are natural yogis with boundless energy, so this is a fast-paced child focused class which is balanced with rest after effort. Practicing toddler yoga alongside your growing child, you will see them develop more coordination, strength and self-confidence through special activities that enhance Mommy (or Daddy) bonding. As you attune to your child's needs, you may also find that you may have increased ability to handle difficult and confronting situations with your toddler with reduced anxiety and stress!

$65 for 5 weeks / $78 for 6 weeks

15% off for additional sibling 
$20 drop-in

Minimum: 4 registrations
Maximum:  8 registrations
Registration Deadline:  1 week prior to start of session.  
Instructor:  Erica Nielsen