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Homebirth Q & A

Curious about homebirth? The Homebirth Q&A is a great way to learn about how it works. See a slideshow of homebirths and get a tour of just what a midwife carries in her birth bag. Homebirth Midwife, Zaina Keeley, will be answering all your homebirth questions. Why choose homebirth? Is it safe? Does Insurance cover homebirth? Is it messy? What about waterbirth? What if an emergency occurs? What about VBACS & breech babies? What happens after the baby's born? How does the baby get a birth certificate & social security card? This session is also a great opportunity for grandparents and other family members who have questions about homebirth to learn more!

$5 per person

Minimum: 2 registrations
Maximum: 20 registrations
Registration Deadline:  Registration required 1 week in advance of workshop.
Instructor:  Zaina Keeley, Certified Professional Midwife