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Heidi was raised in New Jersey but her father and mother came from Ecuador and The Dominican Republic respectively and she spoke Spanish as her 1st language. During Elementary school, she began to lose her Spanish and decided to study it in middle school so that she could converse better with her grandparents. She finished all 5 levels in high school and fluently reads, writes and speaks Spanish and has done translation work for some of her previous jobs.  Heidi graduated from Cairn University, married and has 6 children from 19 down to 9 months. She taught toddlers in a daycare during college. She home schooled her 3 older children from 2007-2016 (and misses it!). Three of her children are currently in public school and she is home full time with the 2 youngest. Heidi taught Spanish for her home school co-op at a 3rd grade and a high school level for a few semesters before moving away from Philadelphia.
She currently has her mother and Spanish-only Grandmother living with her and gets to practice more, since there is always something new to learn! Heidi believes it is wise to learn a new language but understands that it is very difficult when not immersed. So, she tries to instill curiosity and courage to attempt communication, knowing full well that errors will be made, but connection is worth it.  

Heidi Weaver