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During this season of giving, gift yourself an afternoon of self-care.  Join Colleen Wisor Patterson on Sunday, December 8th for a Yoga and Essential oils workshop.  During the 90-minute session, you will enjoy a delicious, flowy yoga practice enhanced with essential oils that will soother the muscles and calm the mind.  Following the practice, you will learn the best oils for self-care--to energize, destress, handle difficult family members with grace, and promote restful sleep--and have the opportunity to make a roller and some bath salts to take with you.  You'll leave the workshop feeling refreshed and ready to take on the holidays!


Minimum:  3 registrations

Maximum: 10 registrations
Registration Deadline:  1 week before workshop
Colleen Wisor Patterson, DoTerra Oils

Essential Oils

for Pregnancy, Baby & Mama

Essential oils are an incredible way to support yourself and your child's wellbeing during pregnancy and beyond.  In this class, we will discuss how to use essential oils during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum to boost immunity, promote restful sleep, support your emotions, and help ease the common discomforts that often accompany your growing and changing body.  We will also discuss safe applications of essential oils for your baby.  Bring your curiosity as you experience the oils for yourself and create a custom blend to take home.


Minimum:  N/A

Maximum: 10 registrations
Registration Deadline:  1 week before workshop
Colleen Wisor Patterson, DoTerra Oils

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Yoga & Essential Oils
​ for Self-Care

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