Erika America

Colleen Wisor

In my personal life and professional career, I have found the laughter and smiles of others to be the most fulfilling. That is why one of my favorite hobbies is juggling and call myself Ms. Erika America. Having taken every opportunity in my life to inspire people and put smiles on their faces, I began by earning a degree in Sociology and Psychology leading to a career in therapeutic situations and learning environments. In my studies and employment, I have learned that mindfulness and positive thinking are great tools for all and should be shared. I continued on my journey and found yoga. I practiced yoga for many years with wonderful teachers who all added something different. I recognized that the benefits of yoga, positive thinking and mindfulness could be useful for children in their everyday lives. So I became a certified Kids Yoga teacher through Kidding Around Yoga. I am also a certified 200 hour Kripalu yoga instructor. You might f ind me meowing in the Cat Pose; balancing a peacock feather on my nose; or just Kidding Around with the children in my class.

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