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Erica Nielsen

Restorative yoga and yoga nidra, started the yoga journey for me in Arizona. Classes dedicated to breathing while relaxing, for an entire hour, in various positions were so much harder than it sounded. They were brilliant for relieving stress. I started learning how to let go for a few moments in mindful awareness and acceptance of the body. 

Eight years later, Jim Harrington with co-trainer and teacher Tamsin Sheehy, agreed to accept me into his Ashtanga - based teacher training school in South Africa,  I found Iyengar training with David Jacobs and Jurgen Meusel, and was trained to teach Body Intelligence by its developer, Meret Storch-Matchett. In the cities and in the townships I taught yoga to children, adults and even seniors, professionally, privately, and for NGOs.

I've been blessed and taught by my students for 12+ years. Currently I am instructing yoga with children and adults as well as some chair yoga on this side of the equator in the local PA community. I've been subbing for Holly's prenatal classes at OmBaby a few years now. I offer flow, restorative, and hatha at all levels, privately, in groups, and publicly. 

Trauma-informed yoga is a current focus for me.  Providing a sacred, safe practice space for students is really the only priority. I am currently pursuing further trainings with Child LIght Yoga. 

I look forward to sharing the New Year and yoga with you and your family and maybe catching up with the mommies and new little kiddos I have not met outside of the womb yet!