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Elimination Communication Intro Class

Supporting you through the journey!

Fertility, Pregnancy, Childbirth & Parenting

Elimination Communication (EC) is a natural and globally practiced alternative to diaper dependence.  It's potty learning, that can start from birth if you choose.  It's a simple, natural practice. It is a way of relating to your child and being in tune with your baby's hygiene needs.  Did you know half the world's population are potty independent by 1 year?  In the US, the average age is 3 years. 

In this class, we explore:
1. What is EC?
2. What are the benefits of EC?
3. REAL LIFE- how to start, continue and wrap up EC?

We close with Q & A and time to explore materials related to EC and resources to learn more.


Minimum: 5 registrations
Maximum:  12 registrations
Registration Deadline:  1 week prior to start of session
Rachel Illari,Go Diaper Free Coach