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Pediatric Dental Health

with William Buis, DMD of Advanced Pediatric Dentistry
Good oral health is important for a child’s overall health and happiness. That’s why it's important to focus on preventative care early on in childhood development to create healthy habits and smiles that will last a lifetime. Learn more about caring for your child's teeth in the free presentation with Pediatric Dentist, William Buis from Advanced Pediatric Dentistry. 

Topics to be covered include:

- Caring for infant and children's teeth
 - Eruption patterns and when to expect baby teeth and permanent teeth
 - Options to help with teething
 - The importance of routine preventive dental care from age 1 or after first tooth eruption
 - Why a pediatric specialist is important for children's dental care
 - Lip and tongue tie and how these can contribute to difficulty with latching
 - The importance and methods of conservative dentistry on baby teeth- Treating cavities without injections with Laser technology 
 - Information to help prevent cavities 
 - Ideal toothbrush and toothpaste choices
 - Ideal pacifier and cup training choices 
 - How to help alter oral habits such as thumb or finger sucking
- The benefits of a therapy dog for children undergoing dental care

Dr. William “Bill” Buis is a Pediatric Dental Specialist who grew up in Nazareth,
Pennsylvania. William graduated Northampton Area High School and competed
collegiately in football and track and field at the East Stroudsburg University of
Pennsylvania. Upon entering dental school at the Lake Erie College of Osteopathic
Medicine in Bradenton, Florida, he was actively involved in pediatric community
outreach and served as a LECOM representative at local, state and national events
for the American Student Dental Association. He completed residency at NYU
Langone Hospitals Pediatric Dental Residency in Tucson, Arizona. During residency
William adopted his pet golden retriever, Calibur, who is now the office mascot at
Advanced Pediatric Dentistry. In his free time he enjoys outdoor sports, video games,
activities on his family’s farm and spending time with Calibur.


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William Buis, DMD of Advanced Pediatric Dentistry

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