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You are invited to an informal, educational presentation on health issues that often affect new moms: pelvic floor muscle dysfunction and diastasis recti. Come and hear an engaging and informative discussion on how these issues impact every day life, and what can be done to help!

This talk may be of interest to you if...
-You every\ experience accidental leaks of urine when you run, jump, exercise, cough or sneeze.

 -You ever experience strong urges to urinate but can’t quite make it to the bathroom in time.

-You experience chronic constipation issues.

-You experience painful intercourse.

-You do hundreds of crunches but just can’t get rid of that lower abdominal “pooch”.


Minimum: N/A
Maximum:  20 registrations
Registration Deadline:  Pre-paid registration required 1 week prior to start of session. 
 Megan Miller of Core Plus Physical Therapy

Core Plus Physical Therapy Presents

Empower Your Pelvic Floor