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Fertility, Pregnancy, Childbirth & Parenting

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 Alta View Wellness Center   717-221-0133
Giddings Acupuncture   717-657-1951
Rosalie Baker Lambeth, LAc, CRNA   717-920-1501

            Central Penn Acupuncture & Wellness   717-697-7058
 Tian Shi Acupuncture   717-545-2544
Wellpoint Acupuncture   717-303-8579

Art Classes  
The Art Center School & Galleries of Mechanicsburg   717-697-2072

            Maureen Marks Art

            Susquehanna Art Museum

South Central Branch of the Mid-Atlantic Babywearers

            Mama & Roo's Supplement Co 

Belly Casting
             Belly Casts by Becky   610-750-4942

Birth Center
Birth Care   717-786-4010  (Located in Bart, PA & Gordonville, PA )
Reading Midwife Center for Women's Health    610-222-6226

Birth Trauma
Birth Light Support Group

Birthing Tub Rental

Breastfeeding Center of Central PA
            Lactation Counselor/Educator:
Susquehanna Doulas   717-880-0904
Wendy Shiffer  717-380-1393

            Milk Bank Donation

                  Breastfeeding Center of Central PA
                  Human Milk Banking Association of North America
                  Milk Share

           Nursing Bras
                  Underneath It All   717-761-7474

 La Leche League (see local options below, choose in LLL website for local details) 
                  Mothers and Babies Together: Peer Counselor Program of Hershey Medical Center:: 717-531-6981 Contact: Mary Metzger, IBCLC

             Pump Rentals
                        Pinnacle Health
                        Mother Caring Resource
                       Best for Babies

Cesarean Support
           International Cesarean Awareness Network (ICAN) 
Cesarean & VBAC Support Group of Harrisburg
          York Cesarean Support

Child Friendly Businesses
            My Gym Children's Fitness Center   717 737-1936
            Kid's Cutters   321 Hummel Ave, #D, Lemoyne, PA 17043   717-612-0312

Childbirth Education

 Bradley Method     

                      Alexandra Puppelo   443-244-0224      *teaches at Om Baby
                      Monica Rocha   717-440-1051

            Evidence Based Birth

                       Susquehanna Doulas   717-880-0904 . 
                       Wendy Shiffer  717-380-1393

 Teresa Alva:  White Rose Birth Services   
Maria Stevens: Doulas of Central Pennsylvania

                       April Stambaugh   (717) 896-3159  

                       UPMC/Pinnacle Health

                        Eileen Baker   717-458-2498

                        Family Trees Birth Program   Wendy Shiffer   

Prepared Childbirth
Amy Wilt.   *teaches at Om Baby

                        Lexi Abeln, RN CCE, IBCLC   717-215-0349

                        UPMC/Pinnacle Health

Children's Clothing
            Free Spirit Children's Clothing    717-649-9812

Children's Clothing - Consignment
            Just Like New
            Kids Market Consignment  
            New For You 
            Once Upon a Child    717-540-7840
            Tomorrow's Child   717-790-9020
            Tykes 2 Teens Consignment
            Kids Consignment Closet (Carlisle)

            Barclay Family Chirooractic   717-227-2227
            Pain Relief Chiropractic    717-364-9538
            Camp Hill Chiropractic   717-761-8840
            Madeira Chiropractic 717-766-9700
            Pamela Dunn    717-697-9100
            Forbes Chiropractic   (717) 697-7020   
            The Hetrick Center   717-944-2225
            Headache Freedom Centers   717-697-0589
            Mike Treichler   717-774-5376
            Homza Chiropractic Wellness & Rehab

Community Supported Agriculture

           Lark Rise Farm   717-385-7381
           McGrath's Brick Oven Bakehouse

     Meat, Dairy &/or Milk
           JuJo Acres   717-536-3618
           North Mountain Pastures   717-497-3496 
          Apple Valley Creamery Home Delivery   717-528-4520
          Yeehaw Farms Meat CSA   717-834-4495
          Family Cow
          Lil Ponderosa
          Weaver Valley Farms   717-951-0667

           Cool Beans
           Earth Spring Farm   717-805-7778
           Dickinson College CSA   
           Jade Family Farm   
          Joshua Farm   717-213-9316

          Leaf Project    
           Landisdale Farm   717-865-6220
          Oyler's Organic Farms   717-677-8411
          Piney Mountain Orchard CSA   717-514-4256
          Shared Earth Farm   717-884-4001
          Spiral Path Farm   717-789-4433
          Spoutwood Farms   
          Strite's Orchard   717-564-3130 

      Whole Diet CSA
            Yeehaw Farms Meat CSA   717-834-4495

     Center for Attachment and Healing:  Pam Moran, MSW, LSW – Therapy & Parent Coaching:  717-856-1740  
     Life's Journey Therapy:  Lynn Brooks, MFT
     Michele Landis, Integrative Nutrition Health Counselor            717-968-0167 

CPR, Infant/Child
            Pinnacle Health, WomanCare Resource Center   717-221-6255

CranioSacral Therapy

            Beth Shover   717-920-WELL (9355)   

            The Roots of Health (Rachel Benbow),, 717-831-6936 

               (specializing in pediatric, infant and child, craniosacral therapy)

            Susquehanna Dental Arts
            East Berlin Smiles (Tongue tied resource)  717-259-9696


                    Heather Auxt   717-943-3765
                    Steph Landis   717-448-2032
                    Audrea Blayer CD(DONA)   717-649-2866
                    Stacy Blaschak   717-502-0356
                    Debbie Castelbuono   267-281-3685 

                    Bridget Gallagher   The Village Doulas   610-888-2250
                    Brigid Grode
                    Jessica Groves   443-507-0571
                    Deanna Kopf
                    Peaceful Birth Haven    Myrriah Raimbault   - 717-236-2121

                    Christi Stoltzfus    717-587-5347
                    Donna Rosati

                    Alexandra Puppelo   717-814-8538  

                    Baby Mama Birth Services   Claire Smith, PES (PBi):   717-419-0715 
                    JoAnn Bair   717-870-9119  
                    Wendy Shiffer   717-380-1393  
                    Stephanie Willey   717-766-2248
                    Jackie Price, CD(DONA)

                    Christi Stoltzfus    717-587-5347
                    Lancaster Doulas     717-393-7667

                    Sarah McCann, CD (CHB)    Carriage House Birth Foundation Certified​   484~432~9640

                     Alexandra Puppelo   717-814-8538  
                    Brenda Dickinson   717-227-0623 
                    Jessica Groves   443-507-0571

                    Christi Stoltzfus    717-587-5347

                    Susquehanna Valley Doula   Lyndsay O'Neill    717-693-3086 

                    Doulas of Central Maryland   Deborah Bailey   410-871-8148

                    Alexandra Puppelo   717-814-8538  

                    JoAnn Bair   717-870-9119
                    Stacy Blaschak   717-502-0356
                    Laura English   717-200-2432   sliding scale

                    Bridget Gallagher   The Village Doulas   610-888-2250
                    Wendy Shiffer   717-380-1393

                    Sarah McCann, CD (CHB)    Carriage House Birth Foundation Certified​   484~432~9640

                    Doulas of Central Maryland   Deborah Bailey   410-871-8148 

Elimination Communication
                  Go Diaper Free of South Central PA

Essential Oils
                   Andrea Cauffman (717) 536-3756
                   Andrea Beech   717-412-8607
                   Gwendolyn Mccomsey     717-371-7123

Farmer's Market
        Broad Street Market
        Adams Ricci Farmers Market
        Market on the Square
        Palmyra Farmer's Market
        Healthy Living MarketPlace

           Moonrise Henna

Birth Care   717-786-4010  (Located in Bart, PA & Gordonville, PA)
Rising Moon Midwifery   Kate Aseron  (Chester Springs, PA)  610 469 4905
            Danielle Malik, CPM   610-507-9863
Diane Sellers, CPM   410-227-6174 

            Dove Charity Home Birth   Valerie Monterey   814-392-2277

            Lancaster Midwifery   Kelly Biagio , CNM   717-669-2907

            Sacred Midwifery   Zaina Keeley, CPM    304 886 4974

            Intuitive Mother Midwifery   Kristin Wilson, CPM   724-992-8170

            Megan Miller   717-810-7428
            Barb Cavanaugh   717-386-8550

            Eric Doerfler, CRNP, MSN, CCH   717-761-6902

            Harrisburg Area Homeschoolers Association
            National Resources for Homeschooling


           Alta View Wellness Center   717-221-0133
          Beth Shover   717-920-WELL (9355)   Cranio-Sacral Therapy

          The Roots of Health (Rachel Benbow),, 717-831-6936   Cranio-Sacral Therapy

            Debbie Olsen   717-533-4548
            Tiny Touch Infant Massage   717-221-6255
            Alta View Wellness Center   717-221-0133

            Alta View Wellness Center   717-221-0133
            Beth Alwine, RN-C, MSN, CMT   717-877-9904
            Barefoot Yoga & Wellness Studio   717-790-9189
            Full Circle Spa Escapes   717-315-0210
            Cindy Gadberry   717-249-6564
            Janine Galati Naccarato, LMT   717-903-3760
            Fertility & Pregnancy Massage (Jennie Sherfey) 

            The Roots of Health (Rachel Benbow),, 717-831-6936

            Wise Woman Therapuetic Massage   Ann Smith LMT   717-840-9016

    Labor and Delivery
             Cindy Gadberry   717-249-6564

Medical Providers
            Woodlands Healing Research Center   800-517-9545

           Just Plain Yoga  717-975-YOGA (9642)

            See Homebirth or Birth Center

        Music Together of Susquehanna Valley   717-712-5098

        AuPairCare   717-635-8899  

Natural Family Planning
            Center for Women's Health   NaPro Technology   717-763-9880
            Pamela Dunn    717-697-9100
            Mothership Reproductive Wellness Collective

Natural Products & Services
          Artistic Shears: Chemical Free Salon  770-1900
          Miessence Certified Organics

            Brian Freeman, ND   717-774-0200
            Jessica Shoemaker   Natural Paths to Wellness   717-494-4500

Occupational Therapist

            Taylor Kulik   Maternal Occupational Therapy Services, LLC   717-884-8644

            Anne Katherine Modern Children's Portraiture - 717-917-9362
            Bellies to Babies: 717-283-5015 (Birth Photographer)
            bjf Photography   717-278-8165
            Blooming Wild Photography
            CarisaK Photography   717-421-3262

            Charity Glasco
            Circle of Life Photography   717-648-9011     
            Jill Blair Photography  717-676-5331 
            Mary Ramirez Photography
            Peaceful Birth Haven   Myrriah Jannette   717-236-2121
            Sweet Little b Photography   267-239-6671
            SimplyTwentyTwo Photography (Amy Sharp) 
            Whimsy Wishes Photography:  

          Absolute Pilates   717-585-2592    
          Body IQ Pilates   Janine Galati Naccarato, LMT   717-903-3760
          Morgan Pilates      

Placenta Encapsulation Specialist
         Baby Mama Birth Services   Claire Smith, PES (PBi)  -   717-419-0715 
         Peaceful Birth Haven    Myrriah Raimbault   717-236-2121
         Wendy Shiffer   (717) 380-1393
         Steph Landis   717-448-2032
         Mothership Reproductive Wellness Collective
         Jill Robertson  717-215-1295
         Barb Cavanaugh  717-516-8557
         Placenta Art and Encapsulation by Erin  717-713-0610

         Bridget Gallagher   The Village Doulas   610-888-2250

         Lancaster Placenta Co.   717-925-0154   

Pregnancy Loss
            Children of our Heart, Holy Spirit Behavioral Health, 503 N. 21st St., East Pennsboro Twp. 
                              Support for miscarriage, pregnancy loss and child loss. 6-7:30 p.m. the second Monday each month: 717-763-2279
            Rainbows: Pregnancy After Loss, PinnacleHealth Community Campus, Rehab Building, Conf. Room, 4300 Londonderry Road, Lower Paxton Twp. 
                              Environment of support, encouragement and caring for pregnant women, their partners and support people. 7-8:30 p.m. the 
                              second Thursday each month. Information: 717-782-5906 or 717-221-6268
            Infant Bereavement - Support group for those who have lost a baby through miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, stillbirth or newborn death. 
                               7-9PM, fourth monday of the month, Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center's Women's Health Center, room 206, 
                               670 Cherry Drive, Hershey, PA. No registration neccessary. Information: 531-8123
          SHARE Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support, Inc, Mechanicsburg, PA Chapter 717-691-0943 or 717-558-9691, Seidle Hospital, Mechanicsburg

Professional Postpartum Care
         Postpartum Depression Support Group
         Holy Spirit Mom's Place Support Group: Tuesdays from 6- 7:30 p.m. at 20 Erford Road, Suite 11, Lemoyne, PA  
         Postpartum Support International
           Lancaster Doulas     717-393-7667

Publications/Local Events
            Central Penn Parent
            Macaroni Kid - Harrisburg
            Natural Awakenings

           Reiki by Ricki

           Brookside Montessori   717-737-9517
           The Circle School
           East Shore Montessori School   (717) 545-7748
           The Londonderry School
           The Montessori Children's House of York   (717) 757-1331
           The Montessori School and Children's House   (717) 766-4221?
           The Susquehanna Waldorf School
           TLC Montessori School

Special Needs

    Early Intervention
             Cumberland/Perry Early Intervention   717-240-6320
                        16 West High Steet, Suite 301, Carlisle, PA 17013
             Dauphin County Early Intervention   717-232-8761 
                        1100 South Cameron Street, Harrisburg, PA 17104
             York County Early Intervention   717-771-9618
                        120 West Market Street, York, PA 17401
             Fun and Function   Melissa Berry   717-697-8435  Products for sensory therapy & play. 

Support Groups
            Birth Circle Lancaster County  717-394-4173
            Capital Region DADS (Dads Affirming Dads who Stay Home)   717-545-7235
            Harrisburg Attachment Parenting    
            SHARE, for parents grieving the loss of a baby   717-231-8975

           A Womb with a View  717-901-0900

            Freedom Yoga   717-790-9189
            Be Fit Body & Mind Yoga  717-443-1119   
            Morgan Pilates & Yoga   717-979-2405 
            Just Plain Yoga  717-975-YOGA (9642)
            Yoga Home   717-848-3098
            Yoga at Simply Well   717-968-0167 
National Resources
            Yoga Centers Directory   
            Cord Burning
            Birth Videos
            Postpartum Stress Center
            Cloth Diapering - Giving Diapers Giving Hope
            Global Baby Steps - Birth Advocacy
   - Childcare
            Signing Time - Baby Sign Language Dictionary