Brent Binder, DC

Dr. Binder is the highest reviewed chiropractor in Central Pennsylvania. With a Bachelor in Biology, a Masters in Sports Medicine and a Doctorate of Chiropractic, Dr. Binder is a foremost expert in the human body. He helps his patients overcome health conditions with a natural, drugless, hands-on approach. As a father of 2, he uses his education and experience to help other young parents become well informed and prepared for the most amazing experience life has to offer. His practice has a growing population of soon-to-be moms who experience pregnancy associated muscle and joint pain, as well as teaching their families the natural approach for common childhood ailments such as colic, ear infections, growth pains and digestive issues. Dr. Binder is a lecturer at Penn State University in the subjects of General Biology, Human Biology, Human Anatomy, and Nutrition. He is an avid blogger and recently published "The Herb & Mineral Handbook." If he' not in the office helping patients, teaching, writing or speaking, you can find him in the garden with his family soaking up the sun and enjoying life. ​

Supporting you through the journey!

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