One in three women will report having had a traumatic birth this year. As a birth professional supporting mothers, babies, and families, how do you address this dynamic in your birth support work? 

Do you know how to identify potential flags for women who may be susceptible to experiencing a traumatic birth?

How do you hold the space for a mother who is experiencing a difficult labor and delivery? How do you process the emotional, mental, and psychic energies after a traumatic birth?

How does birth trauma affect you personally and professionally? Are you able to find closure and acceptance after attending a traumatic birth?

Join Marnie McKnight-Favell for a unique 2-day event designed to illuminate the metaphysics of birth trauma and assist you in recognizing the patterns as well as better processing and assisting your clients and yourself. 

In this event, you will receive:

•        Education and discussion on the metaphysical perspective on birth trauma

•        Understanding of the impact of birth trauma on the mother, family, birth professional/s

•        Blueprint / mapping of cellular memory / how trauma is held in memory and in the body

•        Discernment of one’s own trauma relative to others’ trauma

•        Insight on support for mothers after birth trauma

•        Guidelines to energetically prepare for, and clear energies from, a dynamic event (such as    

           attending a birth)

•        For 2-Day Participants: Day 2 will be a 7-hour class consisting of attunement and training in

           Basic level IET, as well as practice opportunities for students to apply the learned technique.

           Group healing session for all participants on Day 1

1 Day or 2 Day Event Options:

A 1-day option as well as a 2-day option for those who would like to receive attunement and training in the modality of Integrated Energy Therapy® with me on day 2.


For Day 1 Participants: $197 for a 6-hour workshop

For Day 2 Participants: $227 for a 7-hour Basic level IET training and attunement

Register for both days at special rate of $347! (Early bird prepay 60 days in advance: $333)

Early bird rates for prepay 60 days in advance: $167 Day 1; $197 Day 2.

Minimum:  9 participants for day 1
Minimum:  4 participants for day 2
Registration Deadline:  Pre-registration/prepayment required by 14 days prior to workshop
Marnie McKnight-Favell

Supporting you through the journey!

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Image: Pixababy

Birth Trauma Identification, Preparation, and Clearing

A 2-day Workshop for Birth Professionals

January 15 & 16, 2017