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Photos: Myrriah Raimbault

Celebrate the beginning of a new life! Embrace your transition into motherhood! Preserve the memory of your pregnancy for a lifetime!

​A belly cast is a keepsake to last for always. Many mothers- to- be have found that doing a belly cast is a very special way to commemorate their pregnancy experience. Belly casts capture your beautiful shape in a three- dimensional way. It is a tangible remembrance of your pregnancy that will forever keep you connected to this special time in your life.  The beautiful natural art of a belly cast depicts the union of mother and child.

​During the first meeting, the mother- to- be and her partner will create the raw belly cast. The process of the casting itself should take nearly 30 minutes. There will be a brief instructional introduction before the creating fun begins.  Your partner will then begin to create the replica of your belly.  The instructor will happily assist if the need arises, but this enjoyable activity should be easy and fun.  It is advised for the mother to eat a meal before the belly casting and to have along a snack and drink available if needed. The belly cast is usually completed in the standing position. A seated belly cast can be done if this is the more comfortable way desired.

​Myrriah will assist in the artistic and creative process of decorating the beautiful belly cast with your input.  Artistic materials can consist of paint, flowers, art paper or other enhancements. Please feel free to provide any additional decorations you may desire to use. The completed belly cast will become a delightful expression of the feelings and love that the new baby brings to the mother.  The final work presents a wonderful piece of art and an expressive symbol of love. The belly cast will make an excellent addition to your home.

Belly Casting

by Myrriah Jannette Raimbault

$137 for belly cast and artwork 
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