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Alexandra Puppelo, M.A.

When Alexandra became pregnant with her first child,  she knew that she wanted a natural birth, and she knew she would need some guidance to learn how! The closest natural childbirth teacher to her home was a Bradley(TM) teacher 45 minutes away. Through the 12 week series, she realized what an impact natural birth with a loving partneras a coach truly has on the start of a new family. When their son was a few months old, she and her husband decided to study to become Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth(R) teachers to spread the joy and power of natural birth to as many people as possible. We believe parents have the right to be well-educated and empowered to make choices for their new families, regardless of their eventual birth locations and plans. Adding a child to a family changes that family forever, and we want to help others to lovingly embrace this exciting time. Alexandra loves helping others to understand all aspects of childbirth and helping women to bring their babies into this world in the 
safest, most joyful way possible.Alexandra is a full-time technical writer who loves taking  technical content and making it easy for others to use and understand. She is also available as a Bradley(TM) doula. You can find her reading nonfiction for fun, working in her garden, and cooking delicious vegan food. She spends her spare time with her bunny, puppy, young son, and husband.