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Fertility, Pregnancy, Childbirth & Parenting


            Alta View Wellness Center   717-221-0133
            Giddings Acupuncture   717-657-1951
            Rosalie Baker Lambeth, LAc, CRNA   717-920-1501

            Carolyn Romako,LAc.  717-697-7058
            Tian Shi Acupuncture   717-545-2544
            Wellpoint Acupuncture   717-303-8579

Art Classes  
           Jill Farrell   717-691-5553   Children's Art Camps

Baby Signs
            A Sign of Love, Cynthia Shultz, MS  717-368-4907

            Babywearers International of South Central PA

Belly Casting
             Belly Casts by Becky   610-750-4942
             Myrriah Janette   717-236-2121

Birth Center
             Birth Care   717-786-4010  (Located in Bart, PA & Gordonville, PA )
             Reading Birth & Women's Center     610-777-7222

Birth Trauma
            Birth Light Support Group

Birthing Tub Rental
             Cher Bebe   717-201-8988

            Lactation Consultant: Shannon Lilienthal, BA, IBCLC, RLC  717-712-6822
            Lactation Counselor/Educator: Patricia Anderson, CLC   717-682-4516
                                                                                 Wendy Shiffer   717-380-1393

            Milk Bank Donation
                  Human Milk Banking Association of North America
                  Milk Share

           Nursing Bras
                  Underneath It All   717-761-7474

                  La Leche League (see local options below, choose in LLL website for local details) 
                  Mothers and Babies Together: Peer Counselor Program of Hershey Medical Center:: 717-531-6981 Contact: Mary Metzger, IBCLC

             Pump Rentals
                        Pinnacle Health
                        Mother Caring Resource
                       Best for Babies

Cesarean Support
           International Cesarean Awareness Network (ICAN) 
          Harrisburg Cesarean & VBAC Support Group
          York Cesarean Support

Child Friendly Businesses
            My Gym Children's Fitness Center   717 737-1936
            Kid's Cutters   321 Hummel Ave, #D, Lemoyne, PA 17043   717-612-0312

Childbirth Education

            Birthing From Within
                      Juji Woodring  410-357-9518

            Bradley Method 
                       Kelly Cassidy
                      Jessica Groves   443-507-0571                      
                       Julie Winterborne   717-979-7135 
                       Monica Rocha

                       Carrie Reed Ballek   610-316-7968
                       Teresa Alva:  White Rose Birth Services  

                       April Stambaugh

                       Jeannie Brandt

                        Eileen Baker   717-458-2498
                        Stacy Blaschak   717-502-0356
                        Meghann Connor   717-265-4142

            Prepared Childbirth: 
                        Lexi Abeln, RN CCE, IBCLC   717-215-0349 
                       Wendy Shiffer   717-380-1393

Children's Clothing
            Baby Bug & Me   717-763-1780
            Free Spirit Children's Clothing    717-649-9812

Children's Clothing - Consignment
            Just Like New
            Kids Market Consignment  
            New For You 
            Once Upon a Child    717-540-7840
            Tomorrow's Child   717-790-9020
            Tykes 2 Teens Consignment
            Kids Consignment Closet (Carlisle)

            Barclay Family Chirooractic   717-227-2227
            Binder Family Chiropractic    717-364-9538
            Camp Hill Chiropractic   717-761-8840
            Madeira Chiropractic 717-766-9700
            Pamela Dunn    717-697-9100
            Forbes Chiropractic   (717) 697-7020   
            The Hetrick Center   717-944-2225
            Headache Freedom Centers   717-697-0589
            Mike Treichler   717-774-5376
            Homza Chiropractic Wellness & Rehab

Community Supported Agriculture

           Lark Rise Farm   717-385-7381
           McGrath's Brick Oven Bakehouse

     Meat, Dairy &/or Milk
           JuJo Acres   717-536-3618
           North Mountain Pastures   717-497-3496 
          Apple Valley Creamery Home Delivery   717-528-4520
          Yeehaw Farms Meat CSA   717-834-4495
          Family Cow
          Lil Ponderosa
          Weaver Valley Farms   717-951-0667

           Cool Beans
           Earth Spring Farm   717-805-7778
           Dickinson College CSA   
           Everblossom Farm   717-624-4469
           Jade Family Farm   
          Joshua Farm   717-213-9316
           Landisdale Farm   717-865-6220
          Oyler's Organic Farms   717-677-8411
          Piney Mountain Orchard CSA   717-514-4256
          Shared Earth Farm   717-884-4001
          Spiral Path Farm   717-789-4433
          Spoutwood Farms   
          Strite's Orchard   717-564-3130 

      Whole Diet CSA
            Yeehaw Farms Meat CSA   717-834-4495

     Center for Attachment and Healing:  Pam Moran, MSW, LSW – Therapy & Parent Coaching:  717-856-1740  
     Life's Journey Therapy:  Lynn Brooks, MFT
     Michele Landis, Integrative Nutrition Health Counselor            717-968-0167 

CPR, Infant/Child
            Pinnacle Health, WomanCare Resource Center   717-221-6255

CranioSacral Therapy

            The Roots of Health (Rachel Benbow),, 717-831-6936 

               (specializing in pediatric, infant and child, craniosacral therapy)

            Susquehanna Dental Arts
            East Berlin Smiles (Tongue tied resource)  717-259-9696


                    Heather Auxt   717-943-3765
                    Steph Bernholz   717-448-2032
                    Audrea Blayer CD(DONA)   717-649-2866
                    Stacy Blaschak   717-502-0356
                    Tara Bowers-Savarino   917-796-1695
                    Debbie Castelbuono   267-281-3685 

                    Bridget Gallagher   The Village Doulas   610-888-2250
                    Brigid Grode
                    Jessica Groves   443-507-0571
                    Deanna Kopf
                    Peaceful Birth Haven    Myrriah Raimbault   - 717-236-2121
                    Sheri Sandstrom   717-932-1003 or 717-805-1003

                    Christi Stoltzfus    717-587-5347
                    Donna Rosati

                    Baby Mama Birth Services   Claire Smith, PES (PBi):   717-419-0715 
                    JoAnn Bair   717-870-9119  
                    Kerry Clements 
                    Wendy Shiffer   717-380-1393  
                    Stephanie Willey   717-766-2248
                    Jackie Price, CD(DONA)

                    Christi Stoltzfus    717-587-5347
                    Lancaster Doulas     717-393-7667
                    Brenda Dickinson   717-227-0623 
                    Jessica Groves   443-507-0571

                    Christi Stoltzfus    717-587-5347

                    Susquehanna Valley Doula   Lyndsay O'Neill    717-693-3086 

                    Patricia Anderson, PCD   717-682-4516
                    JoAnn Bair   717-870-9119
                    Stacy Blaschak   717-502-0356
                    Laura English   717-200-2432   sliding scale

                    Bridget Gallagher   The Village Doulas   610-888-2250
                    Wendy Shiffer   717-380-1393

Elimination Communication
                  Go Diaper Free of South Central PA

Essential Oils

                   Andrea Cauffman (717) 536-3756
                   Andrea Beech   717-412-8607
                   Gwendolyn Mccomsey     717-371-7123

Farmer's Market
        Broad Street Market
        Adams Ricci Farmers Market
        Market on the Square
        Palmyra Farmer's Market
        Healthy Living MarketPlace

           Moonrise Henna


            Bonnie Gruenberg, CNM, MSN, CRNP  Birth Care
            Simply Born Midwifery   Paula Hostler, CPM 717-424-4478
            Birth Care   717-786-4010  (Located in Bart, PA & Gordonville, PA)
            Rising Moon Midwifery (Kate Aseron) (Chester Springs, PA) 610 469 4905
            Judith Mentzer 717-530-9366
            Barb Cavanaugh, DEM  717-386-8550
            Jen Weese, CPM   717-377-8757
            Danielle Malik, CPM   610-507-9863
            Diane Sellers, CPM   410-227-6174 

            Eric Doerfler, CRNP, MSN, CCH   717-761-6902

            Harrisburg Area Homeschoolers Association
            National Resources for Homeschooling


           Alta View Wellness Center   717-221-0133
          Beth Shover   717-920-WELL (9355)   Cranio-Sacral Therapy

          The Roots of Health (Rachel Benbow),, 717-831-6936

            Debbie Olsen   717-533-4548
            Tiny Touch Infant Massage   717-221-6255
            Alta View Wellness Center   717-221-0133

            Alta View Wellness Center   717-221-0133
            Beth Alwine, RN-C, MSN, CMT   717-877-9904
            Barefoot Yoga & Wellness Studio   717-790-9189
            Full Circle Spa Escapes   717-315-0210
            Cindy Gadberry   717-249-6564
            Janine Galati Naccarato, LMT   717-903-3760
            Fertility & Pregnancy Massage (Jennie Sherfey) 

            The Roots of Health (Rachel Benbow),, 717-831-6936

    Labor and Delivery
             Cindy Gadberry   717-249-6564

Medical Providers
            Woodlands Healing Research Center   800-517-9545

           Just Plain Yoga  717-975-YOGA (9642)

            Bonnie Gruenberg, CNM, MSN, CRNP  Birth Care
            Simply Born Midwifery   Paula Hostler, CPM 717-424-4478
            Birth Care   717-786-4010  (Located in Bart, PA & Gordonville, PA)
            Reading Birth & Women's Center     610-777-7222
            Rising Moon Midwifery (Kate Aseron) (Chester Springs, PA) 610 469 4905
            Judith Mentzer 717-530-9366
            Barb Cavanaugh, DEM  717-386-8550

            Jen Weese, CPM   717-377-8757
            Danielle Malik, CPM   610-507-9863

            Diane Sellers, CPM   410-227-6174

        Music Together of Susquehanna Valley   717-712-5098

        AuPairCare   717-635-8899  

Natural Family Planning
            Center for Women's Health   NaPro Technology   717-763-9880
            Pamela Dunn    717-697-9100
            Mothership Reproductive Wellness Collective

Natural Products & Services
          Artistic Shears: Chemical Free Salon  770-1900
          Miessence Certified Organics

            Brian Freeman, ND   717-774-0200
            Jessica Shoemaker   Natural Paths to Wellness   717-494-4500

            Anne Katherine Modern Children's Portraiture - 717-917-9362
            Bellies to Babies: 717-283-5015 (Birth Photographer)
            bjf Photography   717-278-8165
            Blooming Wild Photography
            CarisaK Photography   717-421-3262
            Circle of Life Photography   717-648-9011     
            Jill Blair Photography  717-676-5331 
            Mary Ramirez Photography
            Peaceful Birth Haven   Myrriah Jannette   717-236-2121
            Sweet Little b Photography   267-239-6671
            SimplyTwentyTwo Photography (Amy Sharp) 
            Whimsy Wishes Photography:   

          Absolute Pilates   717-585-2592    
          Body IQ Pilates   Janine Galati Naccarato, LMT   717-903-3760
          Morgan Pilates      

Placenta Encapsulation Specialist
         Baby Mama Birth Services   Claire Smith, PES (PBi)  -   717-419-0715 
         Peaceful Birth Haven    Myrriah Raimbault   717-236-2121
         Wendy Shiffer   (717) 380-1393
         Steph Bernholz   717-448-2032
         Mothership Reproductive Wellness Collective
         Jill Robertson  717-215-1295
         Barb Cavanaugh  717-516-8557
         Placenta Art and Encapsulation by Erin  717-713-0610

         Bridget Gallagher   The Village Doulas   610-888-2250

Pregnancy Loss
            Children of our Heart, Holy Spirit Behavioral Health, 503 N. 21st St., East Pennsboro Twp. 
                              Support for miscarriage, pregnancy loss and child loss. 6-7:30 p.m. the second Monday each month: 717-763-2279
            Rainbows: Pregnancy After Loss, PinnacleHealth Community Campus, Rehab Building, Conf. Room, 4300 Londonderry Road, Lower Paxton Twp. 
                              Environment of support, encouragement and caring for pregnant women, their partners and support people. 7-8:30 p.m. the 
                              second Thursday each month. Information: 717-782-5906 or 717-221-6268
            Infant Bereavement - Support group for those who have lost a baby through miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, stillbirth or newborn death. 
                               7-9PM, fourth monday of the month, Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center's Women's Health Center, room 206, 
                               670 Cherry Drive, Hershey, PA. No registration neccessary. Information: 531-8123
          SHARE Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support, Inc, Mechanicsburg, PA Chapter 717-691-0943 or 717-558-9691, Seidle Hospital, Mechanicsburg

Professional Postpartum Care
         Postpartum Depression Support Group
         Holy Spirit Mom's Place Support Group: Tuesdays from 6- 7:30 p.m. at 20 Erford Road, Suite 11, Lemoyne, PA  
         Postpartum Support International
           Lancaster Doulas     717-393-7667

Publications/Local Events
            Central Penn Parent
            Macaroni Kid - Harrisburg
            Natural Awakenings

           Reiki by Ricki

           Brookside Montessori   717-737-9517
           The Circle School
           East Shore Montessori School   (717) 545-7748
           The Londonderry School
           The Montessori Children's House of York   (717) 757-1331
           The Montessori School and Children's House   (717) 766-4221?
           The Susquehanna Waldorf School
           TLC Montessori School

Special Needs

    Early Intervention
             Cumberland/Perry Early Intervention   717-240-6320
                        16 West High Steet, Suite 301, Carlisle, PA 17013
             Dauphin County Early Intervention   717-232-8761 
                        1100 South Cameron Street, Harrisburg, PA 17104
             York County Early Intervention   717-771-9618
                        120 West Market Street, York, PA 17401
             Fun and Function   Melissa Berry   717-697-8435  Products for sensory therapy & play. 

Support Groups
            Birth Circle Lancaster County  717-394-4173
            Capital Region DADS (Dads Affirming Dads who Stay Home)   717-545-7235
            Harrisburg Attachment Parenting    
            SHARE, for parents grieving the loss of a baby   717-231-8975

           A Womb with a View  717-901-0900

            Freedom Yoga   717-790-9189
            Be Fit Body & Mind Yoga  717-443-1119   
            Morgan Pilates & Yoga   717-979-2405 
            Just Plain Yoga  717-975-YOGA (9642)
            Yoga Home   717-848-3098
            Yoga at Simply Well   717-968-0167 
National Resources
            Yoga Centers Directory   
            Cord Burning
            Birth Videos
            Postpartum Stress Center
            Cloth Diapering - Giving Diapers Giving Hope
            Global Baby Steps - Birth Advocacy
   - Childcare
            Signing Time - Baby Sign Language Dictionary

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